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     Edimax netwerk adapter 10/100 Mbps
- Fabrikantcode EU-4208
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The Edimax EU-4208 is a compact USB Fast Ethernet adapter for an Ultrabook or Macbook Air with no Ethernet ports, or for desktop and notebooks that need an additional Fast Ethernet port. It’s an ideal portable accessory or replacement network adapter, and with full 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet USB 2.0 performance, it’s faster than most wireless connections. Connect to a 10/100Mbps network from a USB enabled desktop or notebook, save costs and replace an old or broken internal network card, or use it as an additional network interface for high-speed peer-to-peer file sharing. No external power adapter is required and the green, energy-saving design minimizes power usage when the device is idle.

Connectiviteitstechnologie: Bedraad
Hostinterface: USB 2.0